Propaganda and Disinformation News from the Week of Oct. 6-12

The latest news in propaganda and disinformation from the week of Oct. 6-12:

  • The big news in propaganda this week is the release of a second report from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Russian disinformation during the 2016 election campaign. Some of the key takeaways are that they started much earlier, concentrated on exacerbing racial divisions on all sides and are continuing the mischief. The past isn’t history. It’s not even past.
  • An internal “town hall,” i.e. corporate, meeting at Facebook produced some interesting news from America’s main engine of disinformation — about fear of anti-trust and Elizabeth Warren in particular. Here the Columbia Journalism Review dissects the latest news.
  • Just in time for holiday stocking-stuffing — a disinformation game with real-life examples courtesy of Finnish television. Check out “Troll Factory.
  • Meanwhile, Cold Warriors seems merely to rework many of the facts, stories and ideas from earlier works on the harnessing (or harassing) of literary figures in the Cold War, but a recent review seems to think it is quite the page-turner.



Author: Dr. John Jenks

I am a professor of Communication at Dominican University, and research the post-1945 history of propaganda and journalism.

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