Disinformation Continues on Twitter

This macro report makes it clear that problems continue. https://www.knightfoundation.org/reports/disinformation-fake-news-and-influence-campaigns-on-twitter


Germ-warfare propaganda campaign resurfaces in Netflix’s ‘Wormwood’

An effective propaganda campaign can endure and embed itself in public memory and popular culture. The Communist charges that the US engaged in bacteriological warfare during the Korean War is one of the most enduring of these campaigns.

During the early 1950s the Soviet, Chinese and allied Communist media around the world trumpeted allegations that the US deliberately had spread cholera, smallpox, typhoid and other diseases in North Korea and the bordering Chinese region of Manchuria. Captured US airmen publicly “confessed” to the crimes. The US denied everything; the repatriated airmen recanted. Continue reading “Germ-warfare propaganda campaign resurfaces in Netflix’s ‘Wormwood’”

Recent Media History Research

My other work continues in the area of structural and international media history.

One theme involves the growth of commercial broadcasting via cross-border radio stations from the 1930s to the 1960s. This resulted in the 2017 publication of Commercial Temptation: Commercial Cross-border Radio and the Comparative Transformation of Public Service Broadcasting in Britain, South Africa and India. I’m presenting a related paper at the 2018 International Communication Association conference,Crossed Signals: The British Labour Government and Cross-Border Commercial Radio after World War II.

I also explore how the British and American states, and their private and quasi-official partners, used subsidies as well as education and aid to extend influence into the newly independent countries of Africa in the 1960s. My most recent work is the 2016 The Scramble for African Media: The British Government, Reuters, and Thomson in the 1960s.